About Norma Yaeger

I sometimes wonder if today’s young women realize just how many opportunities they have – or if they realize that those same opportunities were not always open to women. Yes, by the time I came of age, women certainly had the vote. But the social structures with which we dealt were as tight as the girdles we wore. I was born Norma Hason at a time when most women aspired only to marry, raise children, and spoil their grandchildren. Born, raised, and educated in New York City, including classes at the City College of New York, Bernard Baruch’s College of Business and The New York Institute of Finance, I still wanted more. But, like most women of my generation, I married my high school sweetheart, Sam Nahmias, had three children, and deferred to my husband – until I didn’t. My husband had moved us into a house in the remote Catskill Mountains of New York, trying to put food on the table. As my children and I went cold and hungry, it became clear to me that he would never really be able to provide for us. I began to dream. And what I dreamed about was a life in which I could provide for my family; a life in which I could be financially independent of my spouse. I dreamed of becoming a stockbroker. Not one to be satisfied with dreams, in 1962, I, Norma Nahmias, became the first woman to enroll in Hornblower & Weeks, Inc. training program for Stockbrokers. As a trainee, I demanded and got equal pay for equal work, as well as the right to join my male trainees on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange – unheard of for a woman. As a Registered Representative of Hornblower & Weeks, I was the only woman on their Management Advisory Board. After a divorce and remarriage to Lawrence Yaeger, a General Surgeon, we moved to California. As Norma Yaeger, I continued my employment with Hornblower & Weeks; later, I joined Bear Stearns and Drexel Burnham Lambert. To further expand my career, I opened my own firm, Yaeger Securities. I took another leap of faith and registered the first Money Market Mutual Fund in California. When the Affirmative Action Bill passed, I started a Second Brokerage Firm, Yaeger Capital Markets, which serviced government Pension Plans. My numerous licenses include the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association of Security Dealers (NASD), Chicago Board of Options, and the Commodity Exchange. And I did all of this while raising five children, three of my own and two of my husband’s. With the sale of my brokerage firm in 1998, I retired and pursued yet another dream, traveling the world with my husband, Larry. I lecture throughout our country to share my advice with women on advancing their careers. I still live in California emailing and visiting often with my children and grandchildren, following the stock market with as much interest as ever. I now lecture and encourage women to break down the walls wherever they still exist. Breaking Down The Walls is my first book.

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